Adoption Process and Application

Rats will be adopted in same-gender pairs or more unless you are able to provide proof of other same-gender critters in your custody.  


To be eligible for adoption, you must fill out the application and provide enclosure photos.  We have the right to deny adoption for any reason, but this is unlikely. Reservations start at 9 am (EST) on the first day of each litter's 5th week.  This day will be announced prior to that day and photos with their name will be posted at least one day prior as well. We are a first come first serve reservation process,  please ensure you contact me no sooner than 9 am (EST) to reserve your pick(s).


Visits prior to pick up are available when possible. 

Breeding rights are contracted and have an additional fee in some cases.

Process of Adoption

  1. Fill out the application (below) and email your cage setup/plans (razzierodents@gmail.com).

  2. Contact me via email, contact page,  or message (facebook.com/razzierodents) to request the rats you'd like to reserve.

  3. Pick up your critter after they're 6 weeks old (the adoption fee is due upon pickup).  

Reservations begin at 5 weeks old and are first come first serve.

Adoption Application for Rats
Are you able to provide care for up to 2+ years for a rat?
By selecting "Yes, I agree" you have read and agree to the Ethics and Poilicies stated in this link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Do you understand the care required for this varient of rat you are interested in?
Are you planning to show or breed your new rat? Please ask for contract if planning to breed or show.
Do you understand that rats are social animals and must have a least one other rat to live with and have read the "Rat Care" section? (link is in this button >>

Thanks for submitting!

Please email a photo of your enclosure and/or free roam area to: