Razzie Rodents
welcomes you.

Welcome to Razzie Rodents.  We are a family run Rattery specializing in breeding Fancy Rats for Pets, Show, or Breeding Programs. 


Each rat lives in the lap of luxury in our large colony cages featuring ropes, ledges, hammocks, aspen bedding, and wheels. 

All of our critters are handled daily and fed only high-quality food mixes and snacks.


RR Heritage Lines

RAZI's Silverlining Line


Our Silverlining Line produces the most stunning Silvermane coated rats.  

These sweet Silvermanes can also incorporate Rex and Satin Coats.

This line is typically Self or Berkshire, but occasionally other patterns arise.  Both standard and dumbo ears are produced with this line as well as ruby and black.

RAZI's Denim Blue Line


Our Denim Blue  Line produces our Russian Blue and Agouti Blue rats. 


This line is carrying dumbo and top ears.  Eyes carried are red and black.  Many different patterns and coat types in this line.  

RAZI's Sweater Weather Line


Our Sweater Weather Line produces our absolutely darling Double Rex rats.  Both bristle and soft furs.

This line is carrying dumbo ears and many different patterns.  Colors are commonly black, agouti, beige, blue variations, and white.

RAZI's Shady Line


Our Shady Line produces some of the most lovely Siamese, Himalayan, and Pointed rats.

Our Shady Line most commonly carries Siamese, Blue Pointed, and Himalayan.  Occasionally this line has carried the dwarf gene as well.

This line produces typical ruby eyes and dumbo ears.  

RR Varieties 

Coat Variations
*Velveteen*Double Rex*


*Black*Russian Blue*Agouti*
*Russian Cinnamon*Powder Blue*